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010712_112615vietnam_visa.jpg Vietnam Visa
Apart from the above exemption, travelers must have Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam. A visa for Vietnam can be obtained from any Vietnam Embassy or Consulate office worldwide....
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010712_112921festivalvietnam.jpg Festivals and Public holidays
Festivals have long been considered the traditional cultural activity of the Vietnamese people. They are attractive to all social classes and have become a necessary part of people's...
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010712_113539packing_suitcase.jpg What to bring
Essential Travel Items to Bring to Vietnam - for both your safety and comfort...
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010712_113400travel_whattoknowbeforeyougo.jpg What to know
Vietnam is generally an easycountry to travel, here are some major tips and advise like weather, what tobring, checklist, currency, etc... if you do not find ones you need to know foryour...
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010712_113056emergency.jpg Emergencies & Hospitals in Vietnam
Emergencies numbers & List of all hospital in major cities include Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City....
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170212_100014shopping2.jpg Entertainment
Vietnamese cuisine is a mixture of Chinese, French and a little Thai and is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in Asia. Vietnam also offers a huge variety of souvenirs and traditional...
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100212_114703dai_su_quan_tq_o_ha_noi.png Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam
Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam & Vietnamese Embassies in other countries...
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100212_014511anh33.jpg Transportation
If you intend to visit only a few cities in Vietnam, flying is the most convenient way to travel. Vietnam Airlines flies to places like Phu Quoc Island and Rach Gia that are difficult...
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